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The Alpine Retreat Hotel, set in  the magnificent Yarra Valley has much to offer the visitor.

Vineyards in the Yarra valley Region



With over 60 wineries in the region, you should be able to find something of interest. From the award winning Yering Station, Domain Chandon and De Bortoli to the numerous smaller wineries dotted throughout the valley, there is too much to do in one day. For that matter, there is far too much to do in two days. I guess a return trip could not be that hard.Yarra River view from the Alpine Retreat Hotel

Sightseeing, Cycling and Bushwalking

From the Alpine Retreat Hotel you can do as much or as little as you like. With very little effort you can undertake breathtaking bush and river walks from the very door of the hotel. Or, if you are feeling slightly more energetic, you can take a walk or bike ride along the Warburton Trail, set on the old Upper Yarra train line. The trail, which passes the rear boundary of the hotel, provides a unique cycling, running and walking track between Lilydale and Warburton. Bike hire can be arranged.

If you are really keen and super fit, you can try cycling to the top of Mt Donna Buang. Or you could take the more leisurely option and drive to the top (highly recommended). The drive takes half an hour from Warburton. Up the top you can climb the stairs to the lookout and marvel at the panoramic views of the entire valley.

Half way up the mountain you will find the Mt Donna Buang Rainforest Gallery Treetop Skywalk. The short walk is not demanding but is certainly an eye-opening one. Taking you directly over a cliff and into the heart of a wild rainforest, it is an enlightening and exhilarating experience.

Then there are those who come to Warburton and end up doing very little. This is a very easy option. Lying by the river, trying another cafe for lunch or just thinking about going for a bushwalk.

Around The Town

Warburton is an historic town, settled during the nineteenth century gold rush years and thrived for the next one hundred years or so on a healthy timber trade. In the mid twentieth century Warburton became the place for wealthy Melbournians to recharge, retreat and honeymoon and many of the grand establishments of that era are still to be found scattered around Warburton.

The township has a number of cafes, restaurants, retail outlets, natural health centres, art galleries and a theatre. You could easily spend the whole day just strolling around the town, eating shopping or simply sitting by the river annoying the numerous ducks and geese. (Take care with the big white geese - their tolerance level is very low.)


For those determined to spoil a good walk, the Warburton Golf is hard to resist. Little more than a stone's throw from the Alpine , the pampered fairways and manicured greens cover a challenging course, with views so stunning they are liable to put you off your game.           


If aii that sounds too energetic, you can always go fishing. The Yarra River has many popular spots for trout and, if you can fish out some local knowledge there are some freshwater crayfish to be had.


Mt Victoria and Donna Buang are frequently covered in snow during the winter months. 'Donna' is a very popular spot for the not so serious tobogganing enthusiast, or families and anyone wanting to throw a snowball, build a snowman or just roll in the snow.

Further up the range is Lake Mountain, one of Australia's best cross country skiing mountains. During the snow season , toboggan hire is available in Warburton, Mt Donna Buang and Lake Mountain.