The Best of the Valley

The Yarra Valley

With all the quality of the Yarra Valley at our fingertips, we have carefully selected some of the highest calibre local companies to stock at The Alpine.

The first beverage was sipped here in 1885, and since then the tradition of providing a welcoming space to taste delicious locally sourced drinks has been kept alive.

Visit our front bar as a solo traveller and enjoy a classic Four Pillars Gin while you take in the breathtaking mountain views.

We also love to drink with company, so bring friends along and pop a bottle of Helen & Joey NV Inara sparkling Blanc De Blanc to sip.

With plenty of non-alcoholic choices on offer. The Alpine welcomes the whole family to come and share a drink in the bistro or open-air beer garden.

Hargreaves Hill

With an intense roasted malt taste and a pronounced hop flavour, this local stout is the ultimate allrounder. The stout has a deep and complex flavour profile also available by the bottle.

We also keep the Pale Ale brew on tap for you to enjoy on its own or with a bistro meal.

This local Stout is used in our housemade beef pies available at our front bar.

Marionette Mure

Locally made in Melbourne, this blackberry Mure comes with a rich taste and a full dark fruit aroma.

An initial sweetness becomes a complex flavour of sour cherry, spice and tannins. .

We use this Mure for our renowned Alpine French Martini. Enjoy this delicious liquor by itself or in our signature cocktail.

Helen & Joey

NV Inara Blanc de Blanc

Our go to bottle of bubbles with company, this creamy sparkling is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. Enjoy the flavours and aromas of green apple and white nectarine, with your own gathering of friends and family. Perfect to cut through antipasto with a crisp finish, pair this local wine with a wedge of Yarra Valley’s Stone & Crow cheese.

Four Pillars Gin

Gin sourced from our local distillery, we are proud to offer this high-quality spirit. Aromatic and delicately spiced, take this Yarra Valley classic neat or with a splash of Strange Love tonic and orange. We offer a variety of flavours, giving you the chance to explore the menu, with accommodation available for your peace of mind.

Strange Love

Founded in Byron Bay. This brand is committed to supporting Australian producers over 97% of their ingredients are sourced locally.

They offer amazing flavours and quality low cal soda mixers for your desired spirit. Strange love mixers are the ideal drink to our extensive non-alcoholic selection. Wait to you taste the Double Ginger Beer, Yuzu from Japan or the Lime & Jalpeno.

Silva Coffee

A sustainably produced, locally roasted bean. We are proud to offer you some of the most delicious coffee in the Yarra Valley.

Passionate founders Cleo and Wayne have inspired our barista team with their enthusiasm and knowledge. Bringing you flavourful coffee with exceptional service. What better way to start your day.

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